Four Essays (i)


Four Essays started out as an invitation, or rather a confused love letter. Love letter to this long year (2020, looking at you), love letter to our inability to resonate, love letter to change. Invitation with a sound, respond with something else. Then came the essays, sneaked in, mailed in, slowly disembarking as the year rolled by. Then came the sounds again, fixed, but unnerving, somehow not entirely at ease with their newly-formed relationships. Mics on field, running with the wind, coffee spells, and public self-ovation - all descended, wrestled with their sonic counterparts and wanted to escape again. What’s left is here, in blue, in black, in sound, and a little infected.

Andrius Arutiunian

With contributions by: Andrius Arutiunian, Raimundas Malašauskas, Marianna Maruyama, Isabelle Sully

Designed by: Gailė Pranckūnaitė

Music by: Andrius Arutiunian

With special thanks to: Paul B. Preciado, Locus Sonus Stream Project, bats (allegedly), surveillance capitalism (always there for u babe)

Produced and recorded in The Hague, Rome, Vilnius

Additional photos by: Marianna Maruyama

Made with financial support by Stroom The Hague