Four Essays (i)

Sync in Sync out
by Andrius Arutiunian

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Have you noticed that proxies have become important these days? Let me explain. Surviving in the space of constant self-reflection requires strong determination. To obscure, to diffuse, to distribute. One cannot be expected to maintain a holy presence at all times. It’s ok if you just want to sing these all day long I’m so tired sheep are counting me. No more struggle, no more energy. No more patient and you can write that down. It’s all too crazy and I’m not sticking round.

And here’s where a proxy comes in. Sound. With a friendly face. Images and all. I think ancient dreamers got it all completely wrong, Morpheus did not belong to the world of the dead. Nor is the repetitive choice between the oneiromancy and lucidity so binary. In truth, the pill is simply somewhat magenta.

And here we are again, Looping, mixing, ducking, intoxicated, overworked, oversimulated, generous, ready for the truth, speeches of acceptance, speeches of dissension, no more struggle, no more energy. Mon amour, mon ami.

I’ve never met a boy like you before

And if I have, I don’t remember,

What good does it do to try to make comparisons?

I’ve got a heart that knows when it is right

And that’s why it has taken your name.